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Alden Modern bathroom mirror

Alden Modern bathroom mirror

Make a statement with this stylish Alden Modern bathroom mirror. Perfect mirror for your hallway, living room or bathroom vanity. Frameless oval mirror has polished edges, U-groove center and a sandblasted border. The invisible mounting hardware is designed to keep the top and bottom of the mirror flush against the wall.

Size 31.5Hx23.6Wx.5D
Weight 15lbs
  • Retun Info

    All returns accepted for 30 days, no questions asked
  • Quality Info

    This mirror is made using real silver, not aluminum. Silver mirrors last longer and provide a warmer reflection.
  • Mounting info

    The invisible mounting hardware is designed to keep your mirror secure, flush against the wall with the hardware out of sight
  • Quality Info (cont)

    Distortion free. We use high quality glass so you wont get that funhouse effect that is common in inferior cheap mirrors
  • Mounting info (cont)

    Mounting hardware included, comes ready to hang. Hangs vertically and horizontally.
  • Spec info

    U groove center accent with etched border and polished edge. The center mirror measures approximately 18.5"x26.4" ; inner mirror measures 18 3/8 26 1/4
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