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Deco Bathroom mirror

Deco Bathroom mirror

The Deco modern wall mirror was inspired by European deco design. This bold and beautiful mirror is a center piece that commands attention in any room;living room, main entrance or bathroom. The Deco wall mirror is hand crafted from 2 mirrors, with each featuring a unique shape, truly a one of a kind piece.
Size 31.5Hx23.6Wx.5D
Weight 23lbs
SKU: SSM121500-1
  • Retun Info

    All returns accepted for 30 days, no questions asked
  • Quality Info

    This mirror is made using real silver, not aluminum. Silver mirrors last longer and provide a warmer reflection.
  • Mounting info

    The invisible mounting hardware is designed to keep your mirror secure, flush against the wall with the hardware out of sight
  • Quality Info (cont)

    Distortion free. We use high quality glass so you wont get that funhouse effect that is common in inferior cheap mirrors
  • Mounting info (cont)

    Mounting hardware included, comes ready to hang. Hangs vertically only.
  • Spec info

    Top mirror measures approximately 19.5" across at the top. The bottom of the top mirror measures 15.75" wide, and measures 31.5" high with a bevel of .4". The bottom smoke colored mirror measures approximately 23.6" at the widest point on top and 19.7" at the widest point on the bottom. The back smoke colored mirror also measures about 29.3" in height from top to bottom.
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