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Prague Modern Square Mirror

Prague Modern Square Mirror

The Prague Modern Bathroom Mirror is a large square mirror with sophisticated style.
This grand mirror features a half in. bevel and is made of 2 layers of thick 5mm mirror  This versatile mirror can work with chrome, brushed nickel or matte black fixtures. The Prague square mirror features a protective coating that helps prevent tarnishing and corrosion so ideal for high-humidity areas.  Alone or in multiples, this decorative wall mirror is perfect for a quick way to update your decor or complete a bathroom renovation. Alone or in multiples, this contemporary wall mirror is perfect for your any quick room renovation.
SKU: SSM501S-30
  • Care Instructions


    • Use an ammonia free window cleaner
    • Spray directly on soft lint-free cloth
    • Gently wipe mirror with cloth



    • Wiping your steamed-up mirrors with a towel post-shower
    • Using newspaper; this may have been true years ago, but today’s ink will leave behind residue
    • Paper towels leave behind small piece of residue, making your mirror look dusty
    • Using a general cleaning product that is not labeled specifically as a window cleaner
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