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Confused about our brackets?

You may be a bit confused about getting a Decor Wonderland mirror with 3 brackets. Our mirrors are designed this way. Yes, we designed our mirrors so you can hang them either horizontally or vertically. The way we are able to offer hanging options is to have 3 brackets and you just use 2 of the 3 brackets.

That's right use only 2 brackets of the 3 supplied brackets.

When hanging your mirror in a vertical presentation you use the brackets that are shown here to the right.

Many of our mirrors are 31.5" x 23.6", we also have mirrors that are 39.5" x 23.6" that also have 3 brackets for the option to hang either vertical or horizontal.

Be sure to check the item description to see the hanging options. For mirrors that can be hung only 1 way there will be 2 brackets only.

No matter the mirror shape, if you see 3 brackets on the back and want to hang it vertically follow this photo.

To hang your Decor Wonderland mirror horizontally see the photo below.

As you see above when hanging your Decor Wonderland mirror in a horizontal presentation you use the 2 brackets that are farther away from each other (the arrows pointed the correct brackets). The 3rd bracket should NOT be attached.

Lastly, Decor Wonderland uses industrial strength glue to affix the brackets to the back of the mirror. This glue must dry for 24 hours. The tape is placed over the brackets to ensure they stay straight and are not by accident moved. Although the tape may not look so pretty we use it for extra precaution. Each bracket is extremely strong and can safely hold the mirror weight.

Please do not glue our mirrors to the wall directly, we don't know what glue you are using and can therefor not guarantee safety. Please only use the brackets affixed to the back.

If you have any other questions please check out our installation video which is appropriate to any Decor Wonderland mirror with 3 brackets. If that isn't clear feel free to email us at or call us M-F 9-5PM EST at 646-274-8899.

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